Particulate inorganic phosphorus & particulate inorganic (GBR4 BGC v3.1 baseline)

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    Phosphorus is a key nutrient required for organic growth. The main source of natural phosphorus is sedimentry rock.

    Particulate Inorganic Phosphorus

    Phosphorus ions that are absorbed onto particles. It is considered a particulate with the same properties as Mud.

    Particulate Inorganic Phosphorus sediment

    Phosphorus that is permanently removed from the system through burial of Particulate Inorganic Phosphorus in the sediment.

    Source data

    The videos/images on this page are based on the 4km eReefs BioGeoChemical model (v3.1) (GBR4_H2p0_B3p1_Cq3b_Dhnd) run with SOURCE Catchments using Baseline catchment conditions. Detailed information about the model can be found in the paper: CSIRO Environmental Modelling Suite (EMS): Scientific description of the optical and biogeochemical models (vB3p0). The raw model data is available from the NCI THREDDS server (daily, in curvilinear NetCDF format) and the aggregate data from the AIMS eReefs THREDDS server (daily, monthly, yearly, in in regular rectangular grid NetCDF format).

    Data span

    These results are based on a fixed time period (Dec 2010 - Apr 2019) hind-cast analysis developed for comparing changes in land practices. The river run off used to drive the BGC model were provided by the SOURCE Catchments modelling.